Vibration & Vibration-Climatic Tests

We offer accredited and non-accredited vibration and vibration-climatic tests on the LDS V8 vibration system with a Vötsch 12m3 climatic chamber.

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Parameters of LDS V8 vibration system:

  • Sine force peak 60 kN
  • Displacement 63,5mm (pk-pk)
  • Load support capability 700 kg
  • Horizontal slip table 1200x1200mm
  • Guided head expander 1200x1200mm
  • Controller Vibration View – 8 channels

Parameters of Vötsch 12m3 vibration climatic chamber:

  • Test space dimensions 2500x2450x2000mm (d x w x h)
  • Temperature range -70 až +180°C
  • Testing according to PV 1200 and PV2005
  • Additional emitters for local temperature increase

The services offered also include the design and production of jigs fixing parts to be tested, measuring of tightening torques, measuring of gaps using feeler gauges and deformations using the GOM Tritop photogrammetric system or 3D laser scanning with the Hexagon RS6 system and SW Polyworks. The vibration laboratory also has Dewetron Sirius and DEWE-43 measuring systems with 56 channels and a wide range of vibration sensors. We also offer subjective and objective assessment of the noise properties of tested components.

Typical services include testing of dashboards, bumpers, headlamps, airbags, compressors and batteries.