Jig & Fixture design and manufacturing

We offer design and manufacturing of fixtures for thermal, climatic, SoSi, vibration and function testing.

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Depending on the application, the jigs are assembled from Bosch Rexroth aluminum profiles or from steel and aluminum semi-finished product bolted or welded together. 

The jigs may include single-purpose PLCs for activating the functions of electrical components or controlling pneumatic and electrical actuators. Our specialists are ready to design single-purpose sensors for specific applications.

Typical services include the design and manufacture of fixtures for climate, SoSi, vibration and functional tests of dashboards, bumpers, interior trims of vehicles, lights, side doors and tailgates and body cut-outs parts. In the field of PLCs and sensors, typical activities are PLCs for function tests, PLCs for light activation and single-purpose force, torque and speed sensors.