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The development department of the company IDIADA CZ offers wide portfolio of services from design proposals over conception designs up to design and series manufacture verified by technical simulations for the customers of car making, engineering, and consumer industry.


+Outer surface

Surfacing department works on designing car surface, surface modeling and virtual reality. They use for their activities software ICEM Surf and RTT Deltagen.


2D sketches

The first idea design is presented at first in the form of 2D sketches, which allow the customer to choose the basic style of design. Digital form of sketches makes it easier to prepare the variety solutions and to put in the suggestions of the customer much faster.

3D conception studies

The chosen design is further elaborated in 3D digital conception study, which respects the basic ergonomic requests.

Class A Surfacing

All surfaces of exterior and interior „the customer can see“ are created exclusively using the software ICEM Surf. There so called „Class A“ surfaces must comply not only with the top demand on visual quality and realize the idea of the designer as accurately as possible, but also to fulfill all technical, ergonomic, and homologation requests. The input information is usually a scan of clay models, 3D conception study, and designer sketch or CAD data.

Quick Surfacing

For the purpose of FEM analyses, designs of technical concepts, and feasibility studies we transfer scans of real existing parts into CAD data in short time and with minimal deviation. In case of need we can also provide digitalization of the physical part.

Virtual Reality

We also prepare 3D dynamic photorealistic presentations of CAD in software RTT DeltaGen for easier judgment of designed parts, visual demonstration of technical functions or marketing purposes.


+Front part of the carPedestrian protectionBodyDashboardSeatsLuggage bootInner coverMounted partsTech. documentationProj. managementTolerance analyses

CAD constructors dispose of rich experience with development of sheet-metal and plastic parts, mechanisms, and assembled parts and knowledge of modern technologies of parts production. All data and technical documentation is worked up in the best quality, taking into consideration all standards of the customer. Part of design department CAD works also on commissions for engineering and consumer industry.

CAD department uses software CATIA V5, eventually also ICEM Surf. And of course they also use software for data control Endcheck and Validat. PDM system Enovia SmarTeam is used for data administration.

IDIADA CZ solves complete unit of front part of the car from the technical information for the design up to serial design with regard to lower the weight and costs of parts production with the present maximal protection of the pedestrian during collision with the car:

Pedestrian protection

When developing a new car more and more stress is put on minimization of consequences of its collision with a pedestrian.

IDIADA CZ therefore designs parts in a way to be able to absorb the impact of the pedestrian and suppress the energy of such impact and also not only to conform to homologation regulations (which are set by European association of car makers ACEA) but also to the customers’ test of Euro NCAP, which serve customers as comparative guide when choosing a car.

Impact on legs according to ACEA and Euro NCAP

Front grille
Impact on thigh according to ACEA and Euro NCAP

Impact on thigh according to ACEA and Euro NCAP

Impact of child’s and adult’s head according to ACEA and Euro

Impact of child’s and adult’s head according to ACEA and Euro


The company IDIADA CZ makes the design of body parts, especially doors and covers with regard to the function and minimization of weight.

The parts are optimized with regard to the latest technologies and use of alternative materials such as for example aluminum, magnesium or plastic. When designing the part we also verify its pressability, define welding points, and calculate stiffness with FEM calculations.


The dashboard creates together with central console the most complex development unit of the car interior, which must comply with many requirements for appearance, safety, comfort, and functionality.


  • Outer surface modeling
  • Design of technology for surfacing plastics
  • Tolerance analyses
  • Sun simulation


  • Incorporation of airbags
  • FEM calculations of impact of head and knees


  • Incorporation of airbags
  • FEM calculations of impact of head and knees


  • Glove compartment and other storage spaces
  • Dashboard bearer
  • Building-in the air conditioning, blowers, and air ducting
  • Building-in electronic components

Development of dashboard is solved by IDIADA CZ, either as complete unit from the design concept up to optimization after SOP, or as individual development tasks.


IDIADA CZ provides complex services for development of front and rear seats from the design concept up to optimization after SOP.

  • Concept and building in the seats into the car (comfort, function, safety)
  • Support and evaluation of H-point measurement
  • Foam parts and plastic cover design
  • Frame adjustments and wireframe design of rear seats
  • FEM safety analyses
  • Physical tests and homologation

Luggage boot

IDIADA CZ provides complex services for development of luggage boot from the design concept up to the part optimization after SOP.

  • Design of cover of luggage boot and 5th doors
  • Anchoring systems and nets
  • Special anchoring of loaded items – bicycle holders, transport boxes, commercial versions…
  • Flexible dividing of luggage boot

Inner cover

Cover of the car interior is designed by IDIADA CZ in a way to comply with regional (Europe, USA, Asia) safety regulations and ergonomic, acoustic and esthetic (visual sensation and feel) requirements.

  • Door cushioning
  • Storage spaces
  • Ceiling panels
  • Overhead modules with accessories
  • Pillar cover
  • Damping and deformation elements
  • Integration of airbags and safety belts
  • Integration of sun roofs and brake lights
  • Air ducting


Mounted parts

IDIADA CZ designs exterior and interior mounted parts (roof racks and systems, fixed glazing, rear mirrors, tank lids, threshold and safety molding, bicycle holders…) including providing production of perspective models or functional prototypes.

Part validation is performed through FEM calculations and physical testing.

Technical documentation

Drawing documentation is elaborated according to the specific wishes of the customer. We can prepare conception development drawings as the first stage of the development process, production drawings of individual parts and complex drawings of more difficult sets.

Modern CAD systems allow the close connection between 3D data of the constructed part with its drawing, which helps to reach very effective results during fast completion of the whole project.

Technical illustration and assembly instruction manuals are created using applications (e.g. IsoDraw), which allow import of 3D CAD models, thanks to which it is possible to very effectively take up the creation of the parts and their drawing documentation.

IDIADA CZ elaborates:

  • drawings of parts
  • drawings of sets
  • PDM sheets

Project management

A guarantee of the product development quality is the experienced team with many years of experience from all parts of a car and experience with parts suppliers. The developers of the company IDIADA CZ dispose of necessary experience and knowledge of development processes, knowledge of new trends in design, and knowledge of technologies and materials.

Experienced project managers work with the team, which is able to provide the development of the product from the stage of advance development, through design, numeric simulation up to starting the production. Project managers coordinate work on the individual projects, introduce the solutions at the customer, and last but not least they watch the costs of the project. A matter of fact is that our technicians all can besides their mother tongue speak also mainly English and German.
IDIADA CZ also provides resident constructors, who are placed directly on the work premises of the customer and cooperate with the customer and the team in IDIADA CZ, at the same time, which brings simpler and faster information flow.An integral part of high-quality development is the corresponding level of data administration. IDIADA CZ uses PDM system SmarTeam, which allows among others to work on joint project from different localities, which is often used in all its branches.The company uses its own software IntraCAD, which was developed based on the needs of the company to do planning, to watch the course and to control the commissionsHardware equipment of the company IDIADA CZ is on very high technical level from the view of operation, communication and safety. All computer sets are integrated into one net with shared disc field and back-up equipment. The communication and data exchange with the customers is provided through ISDN lines and standardized VDA 4914/2 ODETTE format. Of course there is protected access point into database of parts of individual manufacturers of cars and their suppliers.

We process tolerance analyses of modules and groups of parts in software Mitcalc.


+FEM analysis

CAE department deals with statistics and dynamic analyses, NVH and crash tests and the mentioned tasks include all parts of the car.

Calculators solve tasks of optimization of stiffness, weight, functionality, and price using simulation methods. To elaborate and analyze the data they use several software: Ansa, HyperMesh, MSC Nastran, Abaqus, PamCrash, MSC Adams, Animator, Meta, HyperWorks, PamView.

FEM analysis

Calculations of Finite Element Method are an integral part of modern products development not only in automotive industry.

With FEM calculations IDIADA CZ has many years of experience and uses the know-how of the whole group IDIDADA, which performs wide range of physical testing. Thanks to the fact that the results of physical testing can be compared with our own calculations we have many of our calculation models fully validated.

Preparation of FE modules: Ansa, HyperMesh
Statistics, temperature and dynamic calculations: MSC Nastran, Abaqus
Crash calculations: Abaqus, PamCrash
Dynamic calculations of mechanisms: MSC Adams
Calculations evaluation: Animator, Meta, HyperWorks, PamView


+ValidationBenchmarkResearchIT supportTraining

In the area of other services IDIADA CZ is able to provide the following:

  • Benchmark in the area of automotive industry
  • Research projects, grant projects
  • Software – technical and expert support including training of CATIA constructors

IDIADA CZ is unique for its clients thanks to having the product development supported with real testing, which significantly helps the validation of calculations and optimization of modules from the point of functionality, weight, and lifetime. Our testing capacity in Spain is at disposal for almost whole year thanks to suitable climatic conditions.

More informations on


Since IDIADA CZ thoroughly deals with benchmark in the area of automotive industry, we are therefore able to compare driving characteristics, identify the areas of improvement or upgrade or to establish technical standards, quality and power of the future car in the stage of advanced development for feasibility study.

Tools for standard measurement can help our customers to optimize design of components, modules, or complete cars.

IDIADA CZ is a company which significantly participates on solving research projects. Research projects are by the company IDIADA CZ partly directly organized and partly the company participates on solving research projects of other companies. Research projects are designed especially to create own know-how in the wide range of research subjects and are also solved for the customers.

IDIADA CZ has considerable knowledge and experience in acquiring grant projects, which are solved with the financial support from the state.

IDIADA CZ cooperates in the area of research with universities and other research institutions.

Based on many years of experience with using different types of software we are able to offer complete service for CAx work station starting from recommendation of correct configuration, suitable hardware and its subsequent delivery, installation, trainings up to after-sale support.

In the area of IT IDIADA CZ performs following services:

Technical support:

  • System support
  • Hot-line support
  • Technical consultation
  • Programming of macro for CATIA V5
  • Programming for PDM system SmarTeam
  • Upgrades of operation systems and CATIA applications
  • Implementation and support of SW DAXware (ISDN/ODETTE)
  • Data transfer (CATIA, STEP, IGES)
  • Printing of extensive and bulky documents

Safety and nets:

  • Internet connection – configuration and firewall administration
  • Mail server – configuration and administration
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Protected data transfer
  • Remote administration of system UNIX, Linux, Windows
  • Data back-up – complete analysis and proposal of solution
  • Tailor-made programming in different languages

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